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Greek ports


Latitude / Longitude: 37.97167° / 23.38061°

Port security level: 1

• The port of PACHI MARINE OIL TERMINAL is situated on the GULF OF PACHI MEGARA in a distance of about 40 km westbound from ATHENS.
• The position of the sea terminal is :
Latitude: 37° 58' 20"N Longitude: 23 ° 22' 50"E
Charts affected: British admiralty No 1513 & 1598. (Appendix No:1).
• Average Sea Water Density: 1.025
• Tidal range: 30 cm during strong winds over HHW

Pachi Marine Oil Terminal Lat: 37° 58' 20"N and Long: 23° 22' 50" E fronds a refinery stands 0,8 mile East of the village of Pachi. A "T - shaped" Pier projects 100m South from the shore and has a berthing face 125 m long, with the least depth 30m alongside. Tankers of up to 500.000 DWT and 29m draft can be accommodated.


As soon as the vessel receives orders to proceed to the port of Pachi marine oil terminal and at least 3 days before ship’s arrival, the following information must be sent to our office, & &

1. Questionnaire 88 (Version 5) -updated

2. Ship pre- arrival security information form according to SOLAS regulation XI-2/9 AND ARTICLE 6.3 of REGULATION (EC) Νο: 725/2004.

3. ETA

4. Last port.

5. Cargo on board.

6. Concentration of H2S and mercaptan in all cargo tanks (vapour phase exposure in ppm by volume).

7. All tanks they should be under positive pressure between 250mm WG AND 300mm WG.

8. Annex II, article 6 directive 2000/59 EC form.

9. Master’s declaration for vessel’s seaworthiness and all ship’s certificates are in valid.

10. Master should declare that, all ship’s mooring equipments are in good condition and operational.

11. Master should declare that, the vessel implement volatile organic compound management plan.

12. Maximum discharging rate per line.

13. Initial discharging rate.

14. Master should declare that, an inert gas system is fully operational and the oxygen content of all cargo tanks does not exceed 5% by volume.

15. Crew list.

16. Cargo document (see master’s receipt of cargo documents).

17. M.S.D.S of cargo.

18. Surveyor’s documents at loading port (full set).

19. Terminal’s documents at loading port (full set).

20. Ship’s documents at loading port (full set).

21. Agents name.

22. Charterer’s.

23. Master’s name.

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